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Feb. 24, 2018
Jun. 22, 2016

US Presidential Elections since 1789

Note: This project has been, to the best of my knowledge, verified to the best of my abilities. There may, however, still be errors or inaccuracies. If you bump into an inaccuracy, simply open an issue so I can correct as soon as I can.


Inspired by this Reddit post.

Wanted to expand on it with the following improvements:

  • including shading for margin of victory (% of winning party - % of next highest party)
  • expanding the dataset to the earliest possible election data
  • breaking down the states into regions, since there are clear election patterns


Election Results by Region

Election Results by State (ordered by Admission into Union)

Election Results by State (ordered alphabetically)


Election Data

Other Data

Tools used:

  • ggplot2
  • Rstudio