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First get the project folder

git clone

Then run the test file that you are interested in


The main dependence is:

Other Language Support


Style of My Code

Most deep learning projects on GitHub usually have several scripts such as,, and so on. However, personally I prefer integrating all the functionalities into a single model with fit() and predict() interfaces (scikit-learn API style), and then write separate test files for different incoming data. All the code below follow this style.


Machine Learning

Linear Model

  • TensorFlow   |   Linear Regression     Model     Test   |  

  • TensorFlow   |   Logistic Regression     Model     Test   |  

  • Java   |   Logistic Regression     Model     Test   |  

Support Vector Machine

  • TensorFlow   |   Linear SVM Classifier     Model     Test   |  

  • Java   |   Linear SVM Classifier     Model     Test   |  

  • Libsvm   |   Non-linear SVM Classifier     Model     Test   |  


  • NumPy   |   Bagging Classifier     Model     Test   |  

  • NumPy   |   Adaboost Classifier     Pseudocode     Model     Test   |  

  • NumPy   |   Random Forest Classifier     Model     Test   |  


  • TensorFlow   |   Non-negative Matrix Factorization     Model     MovieLens Test   |  

Deep Learning

Multilayer Perceptron

Convolutional Network

Recurrent Network


Highway Network

  • TensorFlow   |   MLP Highway Classifier     Model     MNIST Test   |  

  • TensorFlow   |   Conv1D Highway Classifier     Model     IMDB Test   |  

Generative Adversarial Network

  • TensorFlow   |   MLP GAN     Model     Test   |   MLP Conditional GAN     Model     Test   |  

  • TensorFlow   |   DCGAN     MNIST     Model     Test     Result   |  

Natural Language Processing

Text Preprocessing

Language Model

  • Sklearn   |   Latent Semantic Analysis     Wiki     Model     Test   |  

  • Python   |   Tri-Gram     Wiki     Model     Test   |  

  • Sklearn   |   TF-IDF     Test     Result   |  

  • TensorFlow   |   Word2vec (Skip-Gram)     Model     Text8 Test   |  

Text Classification

Text Generation

Sequence Labelling

Sequence to Sequence

Computer Vision