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Word Embedding(词向量)

Text Generation(文本生成)

Text Classification(文本分类)

Sequence Labelling(序列标记)

Sequence to Sequence(序列到序列)

Question Answering(问题回答)

Speech (语音)

Generative Modelling(生成建模)

Topic Modelling (主题建模)

pip3 install nltk

Reinforcement Learning(强化学习)

pip3 install gym

How To Use

  1. The following command clones all the files

    (it is large due to historical reasons, sorry)

    git clone
  2. Use contents to find the model and test that may interest you, click on that test

  3. Find the test file path

  4. run on command line

    cd finch/nlp-models/tensorflow

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