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Feb. 18, 2019
Mar. 16, 2017


CTR prediction model based on pure Spark MLlib, no third-party library.

Realized Models

  • Naive Bayes
  • Logistic Regression
  • Factorization Machine
  • Random Forest
  • Gradient Boosted Decision Tree
  • GBDT + LR
  • Neural Network
  • Inner Product Neural Network (IPNN)
  • Outer Product Neural Network (OPNN)


A small portion of some public ads database for test and initial debug. You can directly get comparision among different models on metrics such as AUC under ROC and P-R curve.

Data Format

     |-- user_id: integer (user id)
     |-- item_id: integer (item id)
     |-- category_id: integer (item category id)
     |-- content_type: string (item content type)
     |-- timestamp: string (timestamp)
     |-- user_item_click: long (the number of user clicked the item)
     |-- user_item_imp: double (the number of user watched the item)
     |-- item_ctr: double (historical CTR of the item)
     |-- is_new_user: integer (is the user a new user)
     |-- user_embedding: array (embedding of the user)
     |    |-- element: double
     |-- item_embedding: array (embedding of the item)
     |    |-- element: double
     |-- label: integer (label of the sample 0-negative 1-positive)


It's a maven project. Spark version is 2.3.0. Scala version is 2.11.
After dependencies are imported by maven automatically, you can simple run the example function (com.ggstar.example.ModelSelection) to train all the CTR models and get the metrics comparison among all the models.

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