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WebGL2-powered, highly performant large-scale data visualization



npm install

Using offers an extensive catalog of pre-packaged visualization "layers", including ScatterplotLayer, ArcLayer, TextLayer, GeoJsonLayer, etc. The input to a layer is usually an array of JSON objects. Each layer offers highly-flexible API to customize how the data should be rendered.

Example constructing a ScatterplotLayer:

import {ScatterplotLayer} from '';

 * data is an array of object in the shape of:
 * {
 *   "name":"Montgomery St. (MONT)",
 *   "address":"598 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94104",
 *   "entries":"43430",
 *   "exits":"45128",
 *   "coordinates":[-122.401407,37.789256]
 * }
const scatterplotLayer = new ScatterplotLayer({
  id: 'bart-stations',
  data: '',
  getRadius: d => Math.sqrt(d.entries) / 100,
  getPosition: d => d.coordinates,
  getFillColor: [255, 228, 0],

Using with React

import DeckGL from '';

<DeckGL width="100%" height="100%" longitude={-122.4} latitude={37.78} zoom={8} controller={true} layers={[scatterplotLayer]} />

Using with Pure JS

import {Deck} from '';

const deck = new Deck({
  container: document.body,
  width: '100vw',
  height: '100vh',
  longitude: -122.4,
  latitude: 37.78,
  zoom: 8,
  controller: true,
  layers: [scatterplotLayer]

Minimum setups of end-to-end usage is also showcased in the hello-world examples, using both webpack2 and browserify, so you can choose which bundler you prefer or are more familiar with.

To learn how to use through the many examples that come with the repo, please clone the latest release branch:

git clone -b 6.2-release --single-branch

For the most up-to-date information, see our API documentations


PRs and bug reports are welcome, and we are actively opening up the roadmap to facilitate for external contributors.

Note that you once your PR is about to be merged, you will be asked to register as a contributor by filling in a short form.


Data sources

Data sources are listed in each example.

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