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AresDB is a GPU-powered real-time analytics storage and query engine. It features low query latency, high data freshness and highly efficient in-memory and on disk storage management. Please see AresDB's features, architecture design described in the Uber Engineering Blog.

This repo contains the source code of AresDB and debug UI.

Legal Note

AresDB requires the CUDA Toolkit. Please ensure you read, acknowledge, and accept the CUDA End User License Agreement.

Getting started

To get AresDB:

git clone --recursive $GOPATH/src/

NVIDIA Driver and CUDA Setup

AresDB needs NVIDIA driver version >= 390.48 and CUDA version 9.1.

Environment Variables

Run the following to make sure the following environment variables are correctly set:

export PATH=/path/to/cuda/bin:${PATH}
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/cuda/lib64:/path/to/aresdb/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}

Language Requirements

Building and running AresDB requires:


The following dependencies need to be installed before building the binary.


We use glide to manage Go dependencies. Please make sure glide is in your PATH before you attempt to build.

Run following commands to generate makefile:

cmake .

Local Test

AresDB is written in C++ (query engine) and Golang (mem store, disk store and other query components). Because of this, we break testing into two parts:

Test Golang Code


We use Ginkgo as the test framework for running the Golang unit test and coverage. Install Ginkgo first and run

make test-golang

Test C++ Code


We use google-test as the test framework to test C++ code. Install google-test and set the environment variable, GTEST_ROOT, to the installed location.

After you have installed properly, run

make test-cuda

Run AresDB Server

The following command will start an AresDB server locally. You can start to query the server using a curl command or swagger page.

make run_server

Run AresDB Docker

Please read the Docker page.


Interested in learning more about AresDB? Read the blog post


Apache 2.0 License, please see LICENSE for details.

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