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Apr. 3, 2019
Sep. 22, 2018


A CNN-based vocoder.

This work is inspired from m-cnn model described in Fast Spectrogram Inversion using Multi-head Convolutional Neural Networks. The authors show that even a simple upsampling networks is enough to synthesis waveform from spectrogram/mel-spectrogram.

In this repo, I use spectrogram feature for training model because it contains more information than mel-spectrogram feature. However, because the transformation from spectrogram to mel-spectrogram is just a linear projection, so basically, you can train a simple network predict spectrogram from mel-spectrogram. You also can change parameters to be able to train a vocoder from mel-spectrogram feature too.

Sample Audios

Architecture notes

Compare with m-cnn, my proposed network have some differences:

  • I use Upsampling + Conv layers instead of TransposedConv layer. This helps to prevent checkerboard artifacts.
  • The model use a lot of residual blocks pre/after the upsampling module to make network larger/deeper.
  • I only used l1 loss between log-scale STFT-magnitude of predicted and target waveform. Evaluation loss on log space is better than on raw STFT-magnitude because it's closer to human sensation about loudness. I tried to compute loss on spectrogram feature, but it didn't help much.

Install requirements

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Training vocoder

1. Prepare dataset

I use LJSpeech dataset for my experiment. If you don't have it yet, please download dataset and put it somewhere.

After that, you can run command to generate dataset for our experiment:

$ python --samples_per_audio 20 \ 
--out_dir ljspeech \
--data_dir path/to/ljspeech/dataset \
--n_workers 4

2. Train vocoder

$ python --out_dir ${output_directory}

For more training options, please run:

$ python --help

Generate audio from spectrogram

  • Generate spectrogram from audio
$ python -i sample.wav -o out.npz
  • Generate audio from spectrogram
$ python --model_path path/to/checkpoint \
                      --spec_path out.npz \
                      --out_path out.wav

Pretrained model

You can get my pre-trained model here.


This implementation uses code from NVIDIA, Ryuichi Yamamoto, Keith Ito as described in my code.