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Crayon is a framework that gives you access to the visualisation power of TensorBoard with any language. Currently it provides a Python and a Lua interface, however you can easily implement a wrapper around the provided RESTful API.

This system is composed of two parts:

  • A server running on a given machine that will be used to display tensorboard and store all the data.
  • A client embedded inside your code that will send the datas to the server.

Note that the server and the client do not have to be on the same machine.


Server machine

The machine that will host the server needs to have docker installed. The server is completely packaged inside a docker container. To get it, run:

$ docker pull alband/crayon

Client machine

The client machine only need to install the client for the required language. Detailed instructions can be read by nagivating to their respective directories.


  • Lua / Torch - $ luarocks install crayon
  • Python 2 - $ pip install pycrayon
  • Python 3 - $ pip3 install pycrayon


Server machine

To start the server, run the following:

$ docker run -d -p 8888:8888 -p 8889:8889 --name crayon alband/crayon

Tensorboard is now accessible on a browser at server_machine_address:8888. The client should send the data at server_machine_address:8889.


See the documentation for the required language:

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