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TorchCraftAI is a platform that lets you build agents to play (and learn to play) StarCraft®: Brood War®†. TorchCraftAI includes:

  • A modular framework for building StarCraft agents
  • CherryPi, a bot which plays complete games of StarCraft (1st place SSCAIT 2017-18)
  • A reinforcement learning environment with minigames, models, and training loops
  • TorchCraft support for TCP communication with StarCraft and BWAPI
  • Support for Linux, Windows, and OSX

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We encourage you to experiment with TorchCraftAI! See LICENSE, plus more on contributing and our code of conduct.

†: StarCraft is a trademark or registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nothing in this repository should be construed as approval, endorsement, or sponsorship by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.