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Condenser is a config-driven database subsetting tool.

Subsetting data is the process of taking a representative sample of your data in a manner that preserves the integrity of your database, e.g., give me 5% of my users. If you do this naively, e.g., just grab 5% of all the tables in your database, most likely, your database will break foreign key constraints. At best, you’ll end up with a statistically non-representative data sample.

One common use-case is to scale down a production database to a more reasonable size so that it can be used in staging, test, and development environments. This can be done to save costs and, when used in tandem with PII removal, can be quite powerful as a productivity enhancer. Another example is copying specific rows from one database and placing them into another while maintaining referential integrity.

You can find more details about how we built this here:


Configuration must exist in config.json. There is an example configuration provided in example-config.json. Below we describe the use of all configuration parameters.

passthrough_threshold: Integer specifying maximum number of rows a table can contain to be automatically considered as a passthrough table. Leave empty to disable.

passthrough_tables: Tables (and their respective schema) that will be copied to destination database without subsetting.

excluded_tables: Tables (and their respective schema) that will be excluded from the subset. All other tables found in non-system schema will be subsetted.

dependency_breaks: An array containg a JSON object with "parent" and "child" fields of table relationships to be ignored in order to break cycles

desired_result: JSON object containing a "target" (a string in the format "<schema>.<table>") and "percent" fields to specify desired end result.

max_tries: Number of iterations of binary search to find optimal input table size. We recommend 10. This is only applicable when using the iterative approach (see next section).

destination_db_connection and source_db_connection contain the connection details for the destination and source databases. The password field may be omitted, which will cause the program to prompt for a password.

To Run

We are currently supporting two different subsetting algorithms.

To run the direct approach:


To run the iterative approach (this approach has been deprecated):


We suggest you first try the direct approach. The iterative approach is still around, as described in our blog post, but it may fail to converge in realworld scenarios.

Known Issues

  • Only works with bigint, non-compound primary and foreign keys.

(Optional) Start Docker Container:

This starts a docker container which you can use as a destination database.

docker-compose up -d

To confirm it is running:

docker ps


Reference the requirements.txt file for a list of required python packages. Also, please note that python3.6 is required.