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Jan. 27, 2017

Paints Chainer

Paints Chainer is a line drawing colorizer using chainer. Using CNN, you can colorize your sketch semi-automatically .




If not specified, versions are assumed to be recent LTS version.

  • A Nvidia graphic card supporting cuDNN i.e. compute capability >= 3.0 (See
  • Linux: gcc/ g++ 4.8
  • Windows: "Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2015" (NOT "Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015")
  • Python 3 (3.5 recommended) ( Python 2.7 needs modifying web host (at least) )
  • Numpy
  • openCV "cv2" (Python 3 support possible, see installation guide)
  • Chainer 2.0.0 or later
  • CUDA / cuDNN (If you use GPU)

Installation Guide

check wiki page

Starting web host

UI is html based. using wPaint.js Server side is very basic python server

boot local server python

access to localhost localhost:8000/


main code of colorization is in cgi-bin/paint_x2_unet

to train 1st layer using GPU 0 python -g 0 to train 2nd layer using GPU 0 python -g 0


Source code : MIT License

Pre-trained Model : All Rights Reserved

Pre-Trained Models

Download following model files to cgi-bin/paint_x2_unet/models/

(Copyright 2017 Taizan Yonetsuji All Rights Reserved.)

Developer Community

Feel free to request an invitation!


This project is powered by Preferred Networks.

Thanks a lot for rezoolab, mattya, okuta, ofk . This project could not be achived without their great support.

Line drawing of top image is by ioiori18.