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May. 23, 2019
Feb. 21, 2019


A Transformer implementation in Keras' Imperative (Subclassing) API.

The goal is to provide independent implementations of individual blocks for experimentation, especially encoder.

Currently exports Transformer(Model), Encoder(Model), Decoder(Model), MultiHeadAttention(Model) and Attention(Layer).

There is a program for sentiment classification on imdb reviews using the Encoder in The script can be run on its own as it has defaults for all parameters. See the source or run with -h to see a list of all options.

On master, the models cannot be saved after training, however model weights can be. TensorFlow 1.13 does introduce model saving for keras imperative models, but that requires eager, which was giving other errors for me. To save models, I just did estimators on the non-subclassing branch.

The imdb_sentiment example exports a create_model function to create the keras model instance used for training, so doing

from imdb_sentiment import create_model

model = create_model(...)

still works.

The non-subclassing branch removes subclassing to build a regular model, without any abstractions. This allows creating an estimator for training. The imdb demo notebook uses a model trained on that branch.

The imdb_sentiment_demo notebook also contains heatmaps for different attention heads for different layers. Couldn't get a visualization similar to Tensor2Tensor to work.

There is also a script for trying the model on different NMT tasks. Trained wmt_en_de_2014 for 1_000 steps, will train one for a longer time later.


  • Custom Adam Implementation with learning rate schedule as described in the paper.

  • Using an actual tokenizer to preprocess imdb data instead of just splitting on spaces.

  • byte-pair encoding for translation inputs. Currently, with default vocab on wmt_en_de_2014, the model gets to 107,248,227 parameters, which is significantly higher than the paper which reports 65M parameters for the base model.