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A Jupyter Magic For Browser Notifications of Cell Completion

Jupyter notebook notification in Chrome

Jupyter notebook notification in Firefox

This package provides a Jupyter notebook cell magic %%notify that notifies the user upon completion of a potentially long-running cell via a browser push notification. Use cases include long-running machine learning models, grid searches, or Spark computations. This magic allows you to navigate away to other work (or even another Mac desktop entirely) and still get a notification when your cell completes.

Supported browsers

The extension has currently been tested in Chrome (Version: 58.0.3029) and Firefox (Version: 53.0.3).

Note: Firefox also makes an audible bell sound when the notification fires (the sound can be turned off in OS X as described here).

Import the repo

To use the package, install it via pip directly:

pip install jupyternotify

or add it to the requirements.txt of your repo.

To install directly from source:

git clone [email protected]:ShopRunner/jupyter-notify.git
cd jupyter-notify/
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
jupyter notebook


Load inside a Jupyter notebook:

import jupyternotify
ip = get_ipython()

Automatically load in all notebooks

Add the following lines to your ipython startup file:

c.InteractiveShellApp.exec_lines = [
	'import jupyternotify',
	'ip = get_ipython()',

The .ipython startup file can be generated with ipython profile create [profilename] and will create a configuration file at ~/.ipython/profile_[profilename]/'. Leaving [profilename] blank will create a default profile (see this for more info).

To test the extension, try

import time

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