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It is kind of based on Text Coherence Analysis Based on Deep Neural Network
by Baiyun Cui, Yingming Li, Yaqing Zhang, Zhongfei Zhang

Based on the origial data provied by Baiyun Cui


Download the code

cd DeepCoherence

Download the glove embedding

Download the embeddings using script

$/DeepCoherence> sh
$/DeepCoherence> ls -sh glove/
total 2.1G
332M glove.6B.100d.txt  662M glove.6B.200d.txt  990M glove.6B.300d.txt  164M glove.6B.50d.txt


With docker/nvidia-docker

Make sure you have Docker installed on your system.

Building the image

docker build -t coherence .

Start a container

sudo docker run -it -v "$PWD":/src coherence
For GPU user:
  • Use nvidia-docker instead of docker for building and running the image

With pip

  • After that you can install the required packages using:
pip install  -r requirements.txt

Pre-processing and training

Preprocess data

Based on script and data provided by Baiyun Cui. It reads data from data2 folder and stores it in processed folder

$/DeepCoherence> cd data/cui
$/cui> python 


You can change the model info in hidden dimension, max sequence length, filter size etc ) and training info(like batch sizes, epoch etc) in

$/DeepCoherence> python


Open, and add file path of model_weight_file and enter the input sentences and then

$/DeepCoherence> python

Details about the dataset:

data/training 100: original train documents for accident dataset /testing 100: original test documents for accident dataset

data2: original train/dev/test and their permutations for accident dataset data3: original train/dev/test and their permutations for earthquake dataset.

  • accident dataset as an example to run the code.


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