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May. 19, 2019
May. 14, 2016


a go daemon that syncs mongodb to elasticsearch in realtime

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  • Supports up to and including the latest versions of Elasticsearch and MongoDB

  • Single binary with a light footprint

  • Optionally filter the set of collections to sync

  • Advanced support for sharded MongoDB clusters including auto-detection of new shards

  • Direct read mode to do a full sync of collections in addition to tailing the oplog

  • Transform and filter documents before indexing using Golang plugins or JavaScript

  • Index the content of GridFS files

  • Support for hard and soft deletes in MongoDB

  • Support for propogating database and collection drops

  • Optional custom document routing in Elasticsearch

  • Stateful resume feature

  • Worker and Clustering modes for High Availability

  • Support for rfc7396 JSON merge patches

  • Systemd support

  • Optional http server to get access to liveness, stats, etc


See the monstache site for information on configuration and usage.

Latest Releases
monstache v6.0.4
 May. 11 2019
monstache v5.0.4
 May. 11 2019
monstache v6.0.2
 May. 7 2019
monstache v5.0.3
 May. 7 2019
monstache v4.17.3
 May. 7 2019