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Mar. 12, 2019
Jan. 30, 2019

Depth Index 🐋

A JavaScript package that turns z-index into physically realistic depth, using PoseNet face tracking. Deep, man.

👀 View a demo

Depth-Index rendering a deep mountain range image

Have you ever wanted your boring 2D web pages to have, like, one more dimension? Depth Index to the rescue. It's a rough experiment into adding more depth to your computer screen, by tracking your eyes. This probably ain't production ready, folks.

How it works

Depth Index uses Tensorflow & the PoseNet model from Google, to track the position of your eyes and the distance between them. From that, it renders physically accurate parallax & scaling, based on your face distance from the screen and position.


Import the depth-index package:

npm install depth-index


yarn add depth-index

Then, import it at the top of your front-end JS file:

import 'depth-index'

Now, tell depth-index which layers you would like depth to apply to. Give them the class depth-layer, and add a negative z-index correlating to the distance from the screen in centimeters.

So, if you want an object to appear to be 10cm inside the screen, simply write:

<div class="depth-layer" style="z-index: -10"></div>

Enjoy getting deep.