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Chatito helps you generate datasets for training and validating chatbot models using a minimalistic DSL.

If you are building chatbots using commercial models, open source frameworks or writing your own natural language processing model, you need training examples. Chatito is here to help you.

This project contains the:

Chatito DSL specification

For the language specification and documentation, please refer to the DSL spec document.

NPM package

Chatito is supports nodejs v8.11.2 LTS or higher.

Install it globally:

npm i chatito -g

Or locally:

npm i chatito --save

Then create a definition file (e.g.: trainClimateBot.chatito) with your code.

Run the npm generator:

npx chatito trainClimateBot.chatito

The generated dataset should be available next to your definition file.

Here is the full npm generator options:

npx chatito <pathToFile> --format=<format> --formatOptions=<formatOptions>
  • <pathToFile> path to the grammar file. e.g.: lightsChange.chatito
  • <format> Optional. default, rasa or snips
  • <formatOptions> Optional. Path to a .json file that each adapter optionally can use


Designing and maintaining chatito takes time and effort, if it was usefull for you, please consider making a donation and share the abundance! :)

Author and maintainer

Rodrigo Pimentel

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