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Nov. 22, 2017


Graffiti Net

A way to document all unique street art in the world and create a genealogy of all publicly visual media (using machine learning).


These are a few scripts that were used to show 5,623 photos cluster the similar artists based on 25,088 dimensions. [1]

-- working

The mouse in this link [2] shows two artists, Banksy and Blek le Rat - who has similar styles.

-- banksy

I can share the dataset of images for anyone who is interested. There are 15 artists and ~5300 photos. Shoot me a message on Twitter [5].

The encoded features (using VGG16) are in a hdf5 file that I can also share for anyone interested.

The clustering is done using the Annoy (Approximate Nearest Neighbors OY) [6] from @SpotifyEng - I tried to use FAISS [7], but struggled with the instructions. Apparently its significantly faster, but the documentation wasn't great.