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Oct. 23, 2018
Oct. 9, 2018

Alpha - technology preview

T4 is alpha software. It is not yet recommended for production use.


Rethinking S3: Announcing T4, a team data hub.

T4 is like Dropbox for data science, built on S3

  • T4 adds search, content preview, versioning, and a Python API to any S3 bucket
  • Every file in T4 is versioned and searchable
  • T4 is for data scientists, data engineers, and data-driven teams

Known limitations of the Alpha Preview

  • Web catalog supports only one bucket (temporary limitation)


  • Catalog (JavaScript) - Search, browse, and preview your data in S3
  • Ocean (Python) - Read, write, and annotate Python objects in S3


Things you can do with T4

  • Find the data that you're looking for

    • Preview Jupyter notebooks, images, and markdown files in S3
    • Browse any S3 bucket
    • Search every file in your bucket
    • Annotate files and directories with searchable JSON tags
  • Back everything up

    • Store files too large for git or git LFS
    • Copy local directories to the cloud
    • Save Jupyter notebooks, with all of their dependencies, in S3
  • Reproduce all the things

    • Build pipelines from immutable snapshots, producing consistent results across machines, time, and collaborators
    • Travel time to recover any version of any file
  • Collaborate

    • Securely share large data
    • Know the history of every change to every file
    • Diff data snapshots to see what's changed
  • Summarize data

    • Slice files with SQL queries, without ever spinning up a database
    • Visualize data with Vega