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Dec. 2, 2018


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🔥Live Demo 🔥: (We don't have our VM instance running anymore, but contact us if you want to see it live!)

Want to paint like a real artist? MagicBrush can help you! You can interactively draw in the web browser and have your painting transformed into the style of your favorite masterpiece in real time!

Neural Style Transfer is a (3 years) old magic which has become quite popular, but we want to make it better: interactive and real-time. The original algorithm from L. A. Gatys et. al. (2015) only allows you to transfer one image to one style at a time, and takes up to an hour to obtain a single frame of output even on a powerful machine. We use a faster neural network inspired by J. Johnson. et al. (2016) to make this application interactive and real-time, allowing users to actually engage with the transformation in the browser.

To get started, check out these wiki pages!

  1. Setting up and using our app locally with a Virtual Machine on Google Cloud Platform
  2. Deploying the project on a GCP VM - say hi to the Internet!
  3. Training your own Neural Style networks

For our own record

  • It's 5:15AM, Sunday 12/02/2018. 3 hours until the end of YHack 2018. Our app is finally on the internet!
  • Update: We won "Best use of Google Cloud Platform"!
    • Thanks to everyone coming by to demo our app, and for suggesting next steps!