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PsychoPy is an open-source package for creating experiments in behavioral science. It aims to provide a single package that is:

  • precise enough for psychophysics
  • easy enough for teaching
  • flexible enough for everything else
  • able to run experiments in a local Python script or online in JavaScript

To meet these goals PsychoPy provides a choice of interface - you can use a simple graphical user interface called Builder, or write your experiments in Python code. The entire application and library are written in Python and is platform independent.

There is a range of documentation at:


To contribute, please fork the repository, hack in a feature branch, and send a pull request. For more, see and the developers documentation at

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Latest Releases
Release 3.1.2
 May. 15 2019
Release 3.1.1
 May. 14 2019
Release 3.1.1
 May. 13 2019
 May. 10 2019
PsychoPy 3.1.0
 Apr. 26 2019