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Menoh is DNN inference library with C API.

Menoh is released under MIT License.

DISCLAIMER: Menoh is still experimental. Use it at your own risk. In particular not all operators in ONNX are supported, so please check whether the operators used in your model are supported. We have checked that VGG16 and ResNet50 models converted by onnx-chainer work fine.


This codebase contains C API and C++ API.


  • DNN Inference with CPU
  • ONNX support
  • Easy to use.

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Installation using package manager or binary packages

Installation from source


  • MKL-DNN Library (0.14 or later)
  • Protocol Buffers (2.6.1 or later)


Execute below commands in root directory.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..


Execute below command in build directory created at Build section.

make install

Run VGG16 example

Execute below command in root directory.


Result is below

vgg16 example
-22.3708 -34.4082 -10.218 24.2962 -0.252342 -8.004 -27.0804 -23.0728 -7.05607 16.1343
top 5 categories are
8 0.96132 n01514859 hen
7 0.0369939 n01514668 cock
86 0.00122795 n01807496 partridge
82 0.000225824 n01797886 ruffed grouse, partridge, Bonasa umbellus
97 3.83677e-05 n01847000 drake

Please give --help option for details

./example/vgg16_example_in_cpp --help

Run test

Setup chainer

Then, execute below commands in root directory.

cd build

Current supported operators

Activation functions

  • Elu
  • LeakyRelu
  • Relu
  • Softmax
  • Tanh

Array manipulations

  • Concat

Neural network connections

  • Conv
  • ConvTranspose
  • FC

Mathematical functions

  • Abs
  • Add
  • Sqrt
  • Sum

Normalization functions

  • BatchNormalization
  • LRN

Spatial pooling

  • AveragePool
  • GlobalAveragePool
  • GlobalMaxPool
  • MaxPool


Menoh is released under MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

Note: downloads data/VGG16.onnx. data/VGG16.onnx is generated by onnx-chainer from pre-trained model which is uploaded at

That pre-trained model is released under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Latest Releases
Menoh v1.0.2
 Jul. 1 2018
Menoh v1.0.1
 Jun. 22 2018
Menoh v1.0.0 Prebuild for Windows
 Jun. 21 2018