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Jun. 17, 2018
Sep. 8, 2017


OpenSeq2Seq: toolkit for distributed and mixed precision training of sequence-to-sequence models

This is a research project, not an official NVIDIA product.


OpenSeq2Seq main goal is to allow researchers to most effectively explore various sequence-to-sequence models. The efficiency is achieved by fully supporting distributed and mixed-precision training. OpenSeq2Seq is built using TensorFlow and provides all the necessary building blocks for training encoder-decoder models for neural machine translation and automatic speech recognition. We plan to extend it with other modalities in the future.


  1. Sequence to sequence learning
    1. Neural Machine Translation
    2. Automatic Speech Recognition
  2. Data-parallel distributed training
    1. Multi-GPU
    2. Multi-node
  3. Mixed precision training for NVIDIA Volta GPUs


  1. TensorFlow >= 1.7
  2. Horovod >= 0.12.0 (using Horovod is not required, but is highly recommended for multi-GPU setup)


Speech-to-text workflow uses some parts of Mozilla DeepSpeech project.

Text-to-text workflow uses some functions from Tensor2Tensor and Neural Machine Translation (seq2seq) Tutorial.

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If you use OpenSeq2Seq, please cite this paper

OpenSeq2Seq: extensible toolkit for distributed and mixed precision training of sequence-to-sequence models},
  author={Kuchaiev, Oleksii and Ginsburg, Boris and Gitman, Igor and Lavrukhin, Vitaly and  Case, Carl and Micikevicius, Paulius},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.10387},

Latest Releases
OpenSeq2Seq v0.3
 May. 31 2018
OpenSeq2Seq v0.2
 Apr. 26 2018