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AgentMaps - Social Simulations on Interactive Maps

AgentMaps is a Javascript library for building and visualizing dynamic social systems on maps. It is based on the Leaflet interactive mapping library. Given a neighborhood, AgentMaps lets you quickly and easily:

  • Build units along the streets.
  • Spawn agents onto the map.
  • Schedule them to move between places on the map.
  • Change their appearance and properties.

AgentMaps lets you turn this:

into something like this:

You can install it via npm (npm install agentmaps) and bundle it yourself, or you can get a premade bundle here to include directly in a webpage. You'll need to include Leaflet separately.


Docs for people who want to use AgentMaps are available here.

Docs for people who want to understand its internals are here.

A basic walkthrough for creating an AgentMaps simulation can be found here.


Simple: Shows all the different ways agents can travel around a map.


IconAgents: Lets you depict agents with custom icons instead of circles.

Thank you to anyone who somehow benefits from this.

AgentMaps: Geospatial Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for JavaScript.