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Apr. 20, 2019
Jul. 29, 2017

Real-time Semantic Segmentation Comparative Study

The repository contains the official TensorFlow code used in our papers:


Semantic segmentation benefits robotics related applications especially autonomous driving. Most of the research on semantic segmentation is only on increasing the accuracy of segmentation models with little attention to computationally efficient solutions. The few work conducted in this direction does not provide principled methods to evaluate the     different design choices for segmentation. In RTSeg, we address this gap by presenting a real-time semantic segmentation benchmarking framework with a decoupled design for feature extraction and decoding methods. The code and the experimental results are presented on the CityScapes dataset for urban scenes.


Encoder Skip U-Net DilationV1 DilationV2
VGG-16 Yes Yes Yes No
ResNet-18 Yes Yes Yes No
MobileNet Yes Yes Yes Yes
ShuffleNet Yes Yes Yes Yes

NOTE: The rest of the pretrained weights for all the implemented models will be released soon. Stay in touch for the updates.

Reported Results

Test Set

Model GFLOPs Class IoU Class iIoU Category IoU Category iIoU
SegNet 286.03 56.1 34.2 79.8 66.4
ENet 3.83 58.3 24.4 80.4 64.0
DeepLab - 70.4 42.6 86.4 67.7
SkipNet-VGG16 - 65.3 41.7 85.7 70.1
ShuffleSeg 2.0 58.3 32.4 80.2 62.2
SkipNet-MobileNet 6.2 61.5 35.2 82.0 63.0

Validation Set

Encoder Decoder Coarse mIoU
MobileNet SkipNet No 61.3
ShuffleNet SkipNet No 55.5
ResNet-18 UNet No 57.9
MobileNet UNet No 61.0
ShuffleNet UNet No 57.0
MobileNet Dilation No 57.8
ShuffleNet Dilation No 53.9
MobileNet SkipNet Yes 62.4
ShuffleNet SkipNet Yes 59.3

** GFLOPs is computed on image resolution 360x640. However, the mIOU(s) are computed on the official image resolution required by CityScapes evaluation script 1024x2048.**


  1. Download the weights, processed data, and trained meta graphs from here
  2. Extract
  3. Extract under data/
  4. Extract under experiments/


The file named provide a good example for running different architectures. Have a look at this file.

Examples to the running command in file:

python3 --load_config=[config_file_name].yaml [train/test] [Trainer Class Name] [Model Class Name]
  • Remove comment from for running fcn8s_mobilenet on the validation set of cityscapes to get its mIoU. Our framework evaluation will produce results lower than the cityscapes evaluation script by small difference, for the final evaluation we use the cityscapes evaluation script. UNet ResNet18 should have 56% on validation set, but with cityscapes script we got 57.9%. The results on the test set for SkipNet-MobileNet and SkipNet-ShuffleNet are publicly available on the Cityscapes Benchmark.
python3 --load_config=unet_resnet18_test.yaml test Train LinkNET
  • To measure running time, run in inference mode.
python3 --load_config=unet_resnet18_test.yaml inference Train LinkNET
  • To run on different dataset or model, take one of the configuration files such as: config/experiments_config/unet_resnet18_test.yaml and modify it or create another .yaml configuration file depending on your needs.

NOTE: The current code does not contain the optimized code for measuring inference time, the final code will be released soon.

Main Dependencies

Python 3 and above
tensorflow 1.3.0/1.4.0
numpy 1.13.1
tqdm 4.15.0
matplotlib 2.0.2
pillow 4.2.1
PyYAML 3.12

All Dependencies

pip install -r [requirements_gpu.txt] or [requirements.txt]


If you find RTSeg useful in your research, please consider citing our work:

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If you find ShuffleSeg useful in your research, please consider citing it as well:

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This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details.

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