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Apr. 22, 2019
Oct. 16, 2017


A powerful and intuitive WYSIWYG interface that allows anyone to create Machine Learning models!

The concept of AI-Blocs is to have a simple scene with draggable objects that have scripts attached to them. The model can be run directly on the editor or be exported to a standalone script that runs on Tensorflow.

Variables are parsed from python scripts and can be edited from the AI-Blocs properties panel.


The project requires python ( and tensorflow ( to run projects. You can still create and edit projects without these dependencies.

To run AI-Blocs, download the project archive and launch AI-Blocs.exe.

To run your model simply press the "Play" button and let the magic happen!


All releases can be found here:

Build and Run

First type: npm install

To run the project from the sources: npm run test

To build the project from the sources: npm run pack


Documentation and video tutorials can be found on the website:


The program is distributed under the following license:


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Latest Releases
Release 5.3 Win32
 Dec. 13 2017
Release 5.2 Win32/OSX/Linux x64
 Nov. 28 2017
Release 5 Win32/Linux x64
 Nov. 24 2017
Release 5 Win32/Linux x64
 Nov. 23 2017
Release 4.2 x64
 Nov. 20 2017