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Jan. 21, 2019
Jun. 14, 2018

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Marsjs - Using Tensorflow.js & Crowd Computing to label Unsplash photos in browser

Marsjs is the browser client for Mars@Home. Currently this extension labels image from Unsplash in browser - using MobileNet on Tensorflow.Js. It is available on Firefox addons site and Chrome web store.

Non-Developer quickstart

Install Mars@Home for Firefox Install Mars@Home for Google Chrome

Developer quickstart

Clone this project

$ git clone

Project Structure

In Firefox

  1. Go to about:debugging in Firefox

  2. Click Load Temporary Add-on, select any file from inside extension folder from cloned project

In Chrome

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/ in Chrome

  2. Turn ON Developer mode

  3. Click LOAD UNPACKED and select the extension folder from cloned project

Check the Current task by clicking in your browser's url bar

Model (MobileNet)

Taken straight from tfjs-converter MobileNet model is served from Google Cloud as 4MB chunks and is cacheable by browser.

The model takes 224x224 image, so Unsplash images are fetched in 224x224 size with crop=face URL parameter.

After changing files in captioner/mobilenet/, run

$ cd captioner
$ rmdir dist; # OR rm -rf dist
$ parcel build mobilenet/index.html

Parcel must be installed globally.

Copy all files except index.html from dist to extension directory. Copy the content of dist/index.html and paste it in extension/popup.html title & subtitle. Remove old code pointing to old build after pasting.


On clicking the extension appears as a box of 300x600. Shows the link to current photo being processed. Once the labels assigned, shows top 3 labels with their Confidence score on the left.

Few Examples of Image Labeling

Why image labeling?

Mars@Home says it's a public volunteer computing project committed to solving real life problems. Then why the first client labels images instead of "computing climate simulations"?

With this first version, we want to find out that would people participate in a modern volunteer computing project for real life problems? Keeping that in mind, we designed it so that, with other things, it has a small fun element to it. We wanted maximum people and developers to join the movement. Because the real development is yet to happen!

BTW I have to confess that building this project was such a joy! But watching the MobileNet model assign labels to beautiful Unsplash photos was equally entertaining. So here's more

Libraries & Model used

Learn more about Mars@Home project