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May. 21, 2019
Jul. 1, 2018

The repo makes yolov3 (tiny/standard version) net more fast and simple on Android, Raspberry Pi, other lightweight devices. The size of core limited to 200kb and you can modify and customize easily. And anything unrelated was dropped, including cuda computing, trainning period and some layers.


~ git clone;cd mini_yolov3;make

Python Demo

Check object detection demo in You will get a C struct containing object names, probability and bounding boxs' axis as API. It works if you got predicition images like this,


Restful Server Demo

#launch and testing rest api using curl 
#upload dog.jpg, and we got the detail of detection 
➜ curl -X POST -F image=@dog.jpg 'http://localhost:5000/detect'
    "predictions:": [
      "h": 56.46, 
      "label": "dog", 
      "prob": 73.18, 
      "w": 44.56, 
      "x": 47.93, 
      "y": 36.55


Darknet is fantastic.