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Mar. 17, 2019
May. 23, 2018

Launchaco AI Logo Builder

A simple, open source, data powered logo builder. Using a set of fonts and their classifications the logo builder AI selects a set of similar fonts to create compelling logos.

Getting started

Run it yourself:

git clone
cd logo_builder
npm install
npm run server

Live demo:

See it in action:


All fonts used in this application are licensed under 'Open Font License', and are referenced under dataset/OFL/.

The dataset/ALL/ directory showcases all the fonts that the launchaco logo builder uses, some of which are not under 'Open Font License'.

We manually classified all fonts to the following feature vector:

  "type": "cursive",
  "era": 0.5,
  "maturity": 0.7,
  "weight": 0.7,
  "personality": 0.5,
  "definition": 0.2,
  "concept": 0.5,

dataset/All/all.json contains all the fonts used for the Launchaco logo builder as seen on We can't have non-OFL font files in the repo, which is why there is a seperate OFL folder with 3 additional files which each contain OFL cursive, sans-serif and serif fonts.

Each dataset contains an array of objects, where each object is the font object that contains meta about the author and license, alongside the feature vector.

Kernel density estimation

Shows density of each feature to another, to show missing areas of our dataset. Kernel density estimation graph

Parallel Coordinates

Another figure to help visualize the quasi high-dimensional font vectors of our dataset. Parallel coordinates graph

Classifying Fonts

The classification was done manually and is subjective. Here are our reasonings behind the 0.0-1.0 values per each feature:


Does the font look 'Traditional' (0) or 'Modern' (1.0)


Does the font look 'Mature' (0) or 'Youthful' (1.0)


Does the font look 'Thin' (0) or 'Bold' (1.0)


Does the font look 'Playful' (0) or 'Sophisticated' (1.0)


Does the font look 'Organic' (0) or 'Geometric' (1.0)


Does the font look 'Abstract' (0) or 'Literal' (1.0)

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