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A streaming data visualization engine for Javascript, Perspective makes it simple to build real-time & user configurable analytics entirely in the browser.


  • A fast, memory efficient streaming pivot engine written principally in C++ and compiled to both WebAssembly and asm.js via the emscripten compiler.

  • An embeddable, framework-agnostic configuration UI, based on Web Components, and a WebWorker engine host for responsiveness at high frequency.

  • A suite of simple visualization plugins for some common Javascript libraries such as HighCharts and Hypergrid.

  • Runtimes for the Browser and Node.js.


  • Superstore A static superstore.arrow demo.
  • Olympics An example of sharing a single perspective.table among multiple <perspective-viewer>s.
  • Streaming A streaming random data demo.
  • CSV Upload a CSV of your own.
  • NYC Citibike An example of a join on two real-time datasets, from the NYC Citibike feed.
  • Real-time cryptocurrency charting An example that uses the coinbased web socket feed to plot orders in real-time


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