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Mar. 19, 2019
Oct. 24, 2018

RL3 Standard Library

The RL3 Standard Library is a collection of modules accessible to a RL3 program to simplify the programming process and removing the need to rewrite commonly used RL3 patterns and predicates. It is a part of the RL3 Information Extraction Engine (a regex on steroids).


The RL3 Standard Library is a part of RL3 binary distribution package which is updated when the major changes to the RL3 codebase or RL3 Standard Library happens.

It is also can be installed manually by overwriting /usr/share/rl3/stdlib folder content.


This library is provided by Zoral under the Apache License. See LICENSE for more information.

How to Contribute

We are very happy to receive and merge your contributions. Please see the Contribution Guidelines.