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Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs in Pytorch

This is a Pytorch implementation of from Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs.


  • Python >= 3.6
  • Pytorch v0.4.0
  • Numpy
  • SciPy
  • tensorboardX (installation here). It is very convenient to see costs and results during training with TensorboardX for Pytorch
  • TensorFlow for tensorboardX


  • This model is mainly based on GoodGenerator and GoodDiscriminator of model from Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs. It has been trained on LSUN dataset for around 100k iters.
  • ACGAN implementation, trained on 4 classes of LSUN dataset


1. WGAN: trained on bedroom dataset (100k iters)

Sample 1 Sample 2

2. ACGAN: trained on 4 classes (100k iters)

  • dining_room: 1
  • bridge: 2
  • restaurant: 3
  • tower: 4
Sample 1 Sample 2


During the implementation of this model, we built a test module to compare the result between original model (Tensorflow) and our model (Pytorch) for every layer we implemented. It is available at compare-tensorflow-pytorch


Results such as costs, generated images (every 200 iters) for tensorboard will be written to ./runs folder.

To display the results to tensorboard, run: tensorboard --logdir runs