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It is often difficult to be able to run inference on trained models of open source projects. This is mainly because most deep learning repos are all about describing new architectures, explaining training processes and/or publishing amazing metric results. The focus is more on the model description and explanation rather than on the model use.

When we want to run some model, we often encounter complex installation steps or even model unavailability (train it yourself!).


The goal of this repo is to provide a place where we can make use of the trained models. Each model will be hosted in it's own site where a README will guide the user over simple and easy steps on how to run the model (often involving an auxiliary class also provided in the site). All models will be also hosted on this repo, under the releases section.

Contribute! 🙌

The only way to grow this collection is with your help. If you know how to run a traditional model and/or you built one and you wish to share it, you're welcome. Read


Python only for now! 🐍

How to use

  1. Pick a category.
  2. Pick the task
  3. Pick the model and go to the model site!


This index will take you to all models of the category, regardless framework

Computer Vision tasks

Natural Language Processing tasks

Audio tasks

Image Classification

Object Detection

Pose Estimation

Instance Segmentation

Image Enhancement

Image Captioning

Other Computer Vision Models

Speech To Text

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