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ENet - Real Time Semantic Segmentation

A Neural Net Architecture for real time Semantic Segmentation.
In this repository we have reproduced the ENet Paper - Which can be used on mobile devices for real time semantic segmentattion. The link to the paper can be found here: ENet

How to use?

  1. This repository comes in with a handy notebook which you can use with Colab.
    You can find a link to the notebook here: ENet - Real Time Semantic Segmentation
    Open it in colab: Open in Colab

  1. Clone the repository and cd into it
git clone
cd ENet-Real-Time-Semantic-Segmentation/
  1. Use this command to train the model
python3 --mode train -iptr path/to/train/input/set/ -lptr /path/to/label/set/
  1. Use this command to test the model
python3 --mode test -m /path/to/the/pretrained/model.pth -i /path/to/image/to/infer.png
  1. Use --help to get more commands
python3 --help

Some results

enet infer 1 enet infer 4 enet infer 6 enet infer 5 enet infer 2

Pretrained models

We plan to open source more pretrained models which are better.
For now, we have only open sourced one pretrained model, which is trained on CamVid dataset.
Find it here: Pretrained ENet on CamVid


  1. A. Paszke, A. Chaurasia, S. Kim, and E. Culurciello. Enet: A deep neural network architecture for real-time semantic segmentation. arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.02147, 2016.


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The code in this repository is distributed under the BSD v3 Licemse.
Feel free to fork and enjoy :)