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Nov. 20, 2018
Oct. 28, 2017

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This is a C++ statistical library that provides an interface similar to Pandas package in Python.
A DataFrame can have one index column and many data columns of any built-in or user-defined type.
You could do almost everything you could do with Pandas within the C++ syntax and type checking framework. You can add/delete any data column type, slice, run summarization functors, transpose, etc. like Pandas. But I also added something that Pandas doesn’t have; Views. You can slice the data frame and instead of getting another data frame you can opt to get a view. A view is a data frame that is a reference to a slice of the original data frame. So if you change the data in the view the corresponding data in the original data frame will also be changed.


DataFrame Test File

Heterogeneous Vectors Test File



Installing using CMake

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install


cd build
make uninstall