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Apr. 25, 2018
Apr. 2, 2017

Machine Learning with TensorFlow(R version)

This is the unofficial code repository for Machine Learning with TensorFlow with R.

This repository is for practicing R tensorflow modeling exercises. I'm personally writing this code for me to know that there are some areas where you can get the benefits of R, and that the code in the book may contain partially improved or experimented code. (example: CNN model view )


  • make full book example code with R.
  • make use of R Reference Class for code reusablilty.
  • adding GAN code.



Chapter 2 - TensorFlow Basics

Chapter 3 - Regression

Chapter 4 - Classification

Chapter 5 - Clustering (working)

  • Concept 1: Clustering
  • Concept 2: Segmentation
  • Concept 3: Self-organizing map

Chapter 6 - Hidden markov models

Chapter 7 - Autoencoders

Chapter 8 - Reinforcement learning (working)

  • Concept 1: Reinforcement learning

Chapter 9 - Convolutional Neural Networks

Chapter 10 - Recurrent Neural Network