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Feb. 25, 2018
Sep. 9, 2016

Guild AI

Project status: pre-alpha

This is the active Guild source repository.

Guild has been rewritten in Python and has undergone substantial changes since its original release.

Documentation on will be forthcoming. For time being, please submit issues to the project GitHub issue tracker.

Installing Guild

Early releases of wheels for Linux and MacOS are available on PyPI. To install the latest version, run:

$ pip install guildai --upgrade --pre

If your platform isn't support or you want to run from source, you can compile Guild using the steps below.

Compiling Guild from source

Clone Guild from GitHub:

$ git clone

Build Guild:

$ cd guild
$ python build

You may alternatively run make.

If Guild builds successfully, run the check command with tests:

$ guild/scripts/guild check --tests

You may alternatively run make check.

Please report any build errors or failed tests to the project GitHub issue tracker.

To run guild without typing its full path, create an alias:

alias guild=$GUILD_REPO/guild/scripts/guild

where $GUILD_REPO is a reference to your local Guild git repository.

You may alternatively install Guild in developer mode:

$ python develop

NOTE: The above command may require that you run as a privileged user (e.g. using sudo). To install Guild without elevated privelges, run python develop --user and ensure that your local bin directory (e.g. ~/.local/bin) is in your shell path.

Using Guild

Clone the Guild examples:

$ git clone guild-examples

Change to the mnist2 example and train the default model:

$ cd guild-examples/mnist2
$ guild train

You will be asked to confirm that you want to train the mnist-intro model. Press enter to continue.

Guild will train the MNIST intro model, which is a simple softmax regression. It should only take a view seconds to train.

In a second terminal, change to the mnist2 example directory and start Guild View:

$ cd guild-examples/mnist2
$ guild tensorboard

This will open TensorBoard where you can view the runs for the mnist2 project.

Getting help

Guild documentation is under development and not yet available. Use the command line help to familiarize yourself with Guild's features.

guild --help List available Guild commands
guild COMMAND --help Show help for COMMAND

Latest Releases
Guild AI v0.1.1
 Jun. 6 2017
Guild AI v0.1.0
 May. 19 2017
Guild AI v0.1.0-pre2
 May. 5 2017
Guild AI v0.1.0-pre1
 May. 3 2017
Guild AI v0.1.0-alpha.2
 Jan. 19 2017