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neuroptica is a flexible chip-level simulation platform for nanophotonic neural networks written in Python/NumPy. It provides a wide range of abstracton levels for simulating optical NN's: the lowest-level functionality allows you to manipulate the arrangement and properties of individual phase shifters on a simulated chip, and the highest-level features provide a Keras-like API for designing optical NN by stacking network layers.


The easiest way to get started with neuroptica is to install directly from the Python package manager:

pip install neuroptica

Alternately, you can clone the repository source code and edit it as needed with

git clone

and in your program or notebook, add

import sys

neuroptica requires Python >=3.6.

Getting started

For an overview of neuroptica, read the documentation. Example notebooks are included in the neuroptica-notebooks repository:

neuroptica training demo


neuroptica was written by Ben Bartlett, Momchil Minkov, Tyler Hughes, and Ian Williamson.

Latest Releases
neuroptica 0.1
 Mar. 13 2019