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May. 23, 2019
Dec. 11, 2018


flashlight is a fast, flexible machine learning library written entirely in C++ from the Facebook AI Research Speech team and the creators of Torch and Deep Speech. It uses the ArrayFire tensor library and features just-in-time compilation with modern C++. flashlight supports both CPU (still in active development) and GPU backends for maximum portability, and has an emphasis on efficiency and scale.

All documentation (including build/install instructions) can be found here

Experimental and in-progress project components are located in flashlight/contrib. Breaking changes may be made to APIs therein.


flashlight is being very actively developed. See CONTRIBUTING for more on how to help out.


Some of flashlight's code is derived from arrayfire-ml.


flashlight is under a BSD license. See LICENSE.

Latest Releases
Initial Release
 Dec. 21 2018