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This repository contains code examples for the course CS 20SI: TensorFlow for Deep Learning Research.
It will be updated as the class progresses.
Detailed syllabus and lecture notes can be found here

Note (as of July 11, 2017)

I've updated the code to TensorFlow 1.2 and Python3, except the code for chatbot. I will update the code for chatbot soon.

Models include:

In the folder "examples":

Linear Regression with Chicago's Fire-Theft dataset
Logistic Regression with MNIST
Word2vec skip-gram model with NCE loss
Convnets with MNIST
Autoencoder (by Nishith Khandwala)
Deepdream (by Jon Shlens)
Character-level language modeling

In the folder "assignments":

Style Transfer
Chatbot using sequence to sequence with attention


Examples on how to use data readers, TFRecord
Embedding visualization with TensorBoard
Usage of summary ops
Exercises to be familiar with other special TensorFlow ops
Demonstration of the danger of lazy loading
Convolutional GRU (CRGU) (by Lukasz Kaiser)