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Do you have trouble with gathering the data for natural language processing?
For example, exploring the kinds of data, finding where to download, handling huge size and parsing its data (and more!).

chazutsu helps you to fighting above problems.

photo from Kaikado, traditional Japanese chazutsu maker


pip install chazutsu

How to use

chazutsu supports you from data download to making file that can be read by pandas etc.


Download the Datasets

You can download the datasets by chazutsu like following.

>>>import chazutsu
About Moview Review Data
movie review data that is annotated by 3 kinds of label (polarity, subjective rating, subjectivity).
see also:

>>>r = chazutsu.datasets.MovieReview.polarity().download()
Make directory for downloading the file to /your/current/directory
Begin downloading the Moview Review Data dataset from
The dataset file is saved to /your/current/directory/data/moview_review_data/review_polarity.tar.gz
Done all process! Make below files at /your/current/directory/data/moview_review_data

Not only the downloading the file, you can access it as pandas object!

   polarity                                             review
0         0  plot : a little boy born in east germany ( nam...
1         0  when i arrived in paris in june , 1992 , i was...
2         0   idle hands  is distasteful , crass and deriva...
3         0  phaedra cinema , the distributor of such never...
4         0  one-sided " doom and gloom " documentary about...
>>> target, data = r.train_data(split_target=True)
>>> target.head(3)
0    0
1    0
2    0
Name: polarity, dtype: int64
>>> data.head(3)
0  plot : a little boy born in east germany ( nam...
1  when i arrived in paris in june , 1992 , i was...
2   idle hands  is distasteful , crass and deriva...

Use on Jupyter

Additionaly, you can use chazutsu on Jupyter Notebook.


Before you execute chazutsu on Jupyter, you have to enable widget extention by below command.

jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension

Split to train/test files

You can split the data for training and test.

>>>import chazutsu
File is splited to review_polarity_train.txt & review_polarity_test.txt. Each records are 1400 & 600 (test_size=30.00%).

Make sample file

You don't want to load the all dataset to watch the some lines of data!

If you direct the sample_count, you can get the file that is sampled from dataset.

>>>import chazutsu
Make review_polarity_samples.txt by picking 100 records from original file.

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