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Aug. 6, 2017
Dec. 29, 2016


REST API for Text Summarization and Keywords Extraction from a given URL

Project contains major pieces:

  1. REST API built on top of Python's Klein/Twisted server framework
  2. Frontend written in pure jQuery which uses HN realtime feed to generate summaries with help of REST endpoint

Everything has been wrapped into Docker container (See Dockerfile) and can be run using simple Docker CLI tool:

git clone && cd textai
docker build -t bexpace/hntop .
docker run -d -p 8000:8080 --restart on-failure --ulimit nofile=4096:4096 bexpace/hntop

To run without Docker:

Python 2.7.12+ required

git clone && cd textai
pip install -r requirements.txt

View in action at