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Jun. 22, 2018
Nov. 28, 2017


Translating English to Yoda English using Sequence-to-Sequence with Tensorflow.

Follow the link for online demo.


Tensorflow team has provided an awesome seq2seq tutorial on neural network to translate English to French. Though, when I've trained their network, I've had no idea how well it performs in terms of translation from a human perspective since I do not speak French. So, I've decided to perform translation on something that is apprehendable from both sides. Subsequently, YodaSpeakSeq2Seq appeared.

Selected examples of translation

Input Output
The force is strong with you! Strong with you , the force is !
I feel the presence of dark force! Of honorary force I feel the presence . Yes , hmmm .
you must be patient and learn Learn and learn , you must be . Yeesssssss .
why are you speaking about wine? Why asking about wine are you , hmm ? Hmmmmmm .
How are you? How , you are , hmm ? Yeesssssss .
You can get it done! Get it done , you can ! Hmmmmmm .
I love to have sex today! Me friends , I love to have !
Are you going to the pub tonight Going going to the dangerous going are you. Hmmmmmm.
How much is used car? Used used , how much is , hmm ?
you are idiot Thinking , you are . Yeesssssss .
i want to win the war I extend the war want to .
What is this magic? This magic , what is , hmm ?
You seem to be quite bright To be quite bright you seem .
Not all individuals have the right to ignore the theory of the Paradoxical Illusions The right to the reproduction of the smith , not all individuals have . Yes , hmmm .
Who is the president of United States? The president of united states , who is , hmm ?
What time is it now? It now , what time is , hmm ? Hmmmmmm .
I need to go grocery shopping To go shopping shopping I need .
Today is a good day to die. Good day to die , today is .
Do you want to come to my house tonight? Go do to my trek trek do you , hmm ?
You must have patience! Fun , you must have !
What's up? What ' s up , hmm ?
Why are you here Here , why you are . Yeesssssss .
what is your name Your name , what is .
My name is John. John , my name is .
My name is Adam , Useful name is .
hi andrew Thinking ng . Herh herh herh .
where are you going? Going are you going , hmm where are , hmm
I am your father. Your victim , I am .
I love you You , I love you .
You have become powerful Become powerful , you have .
You are a stubborn northern lass Canadian-owned a northern residents , you are . Herh herh herh .
Tell me some wise words! Me some words tell Me ! Herh herh herh .
The belief exists in returning to integrity. To russia the moral exists in ss .
You should stop cursing Never stop , you should .
Today is a good day to die. Good day to die , today is .
may the force be with you With you may the force be .
That sounds sweet sweet sweet sweet . Yeesssssss .
you must learn Learn , you must .
That's the information on the concept of relief. The registration on the development of concept , that is .
i don't perform well under pressure I well perform under pressure , they not . Yeesssssss .
I am the master The master , I am .
You should die Be die , you should .
Yoda is not trained enough. Enough enough is enough not .
I wish you all the best You all the best I wish .


  1. Obviously, as you might have noticed, the translation is not working perfectly. I have used only about 200k sentences for the training. It should be better once more data is fed.

  2. I have noticed that adding end of sentence punctuation ('.','?','!') works better than without it.

  3. Yoda is neither able to speak super short phrases ("Hello", "Hi") nor very long sentences.

  4. The server is not made for production. Thus, might fail regularly.

How to run locally

Clone the repo to your local disk:

git clone
cd YodaSpeak

Download the pretrained model and extract the content:

tar -xzvf YodaModels.tar.gz Models

Install Flask:

pip install Flask

Run server locally:


How to train

Since seq2seq tutorial already provides all the needed codes, the only remaining thing for us is to collect the data. Here, I list what I have done to get English-to-Yoda translation matches:

  1. Download English-to-French translation data from the WMT'15.
  2. Disregarded French part of the data.
  3. Feed English sentences to the original YodaSpeak to get the Yoda ground truth (mainly because I am lazy to reinvent the wheel and make my own translator). API can be found at Mashape.
  4. Train the network using codes from the tutorial.