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Deep neural network for predicting sleep time and quality for any given bedtime. It uses your personal sleep data exported from Sleep Cycle app to train a model to make predictions. It can give you an estimation of how long you'll sleep, when you will wake up and what your sleep quality is going to be.


You will need TensorFlow, matplotlib and python-tk. To install TensorFlow please refer to their installation guides. For other dependencies on debian systems

sudo apt install python-tk python-pip
pip install matplotlib

then run


which will create directories for saving the model and training plots.

How to run

You need to execute three (3) steps: build the dataset, train the network and then run

Building the dataset

Export your sleepdata from SleepCycle. It's found under Settings -> Advanced -> Export. You will get a .csv file that you can feed to Just run it, it will ask for the file:

$ python
path to sleepcycle dataset (./sleepdata.csv):

Training the network

To train the network, simply run It will ask for your dataset file you built in the previous step:

$ python
epoch 24850 error -> 2.3861, test_acc=73.91%
epoch 24900 error -> 2.3857, test_acc=73.91%
epoch 24950 error -> 2.3854, test_acc=73.91%
done training. peak accuracy was 76.09% @epoch 14150
lowest total error was 2.39 @epoch 24950
(1) example prediction: [[ 0.30978218  0.78051013]] [ 0.28819444  0.63      ]
(2) example prediction: [[ 0.37194026  0.88301277]] [ 0.4375  0.98  ]
model saved to ./model/sleepmodel*
plotting training data...

you should get around 75% accuracy with 150 datapoints, splitting training-test data 80-20. You might have to tweak some training parameters like training_epochs or the split ratio.

Predicting sleep

Once you've trained the model you can run to predict your sleep:

$ python

you'll get a result similar to below

At what time are you going to bed? (format=HH:MM) 23:30
Weekday diff from today (default=0)? 1

You will sleep 8 hours 20 minutes, wake up on
	Tuesday, 04/07 at approximately 07:50
		with sleep quality 82.6%