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Introduction to the Blaze ecosystem

The Blaze Ecosystem provides Python users high-level access to efficient computation on inconveniently large data. Blaze can refer to both a particular library as well as an ecosystem of related projects that have spun off of Blaze development. - Blaze documentation

Running the notebook:

  • Clone the repo. git clone
  • Change into the repo's directory. cd blaze_getting_started
  • Install the requirements. pip install -r requirements.txt
    Alternatively, you can create a conda environment using the environment.yml file in the repo. conda env create -f environment.yml
  • Start the notebook. jupyter notebook kmeans_elbow.ipynb

If you are new to Jupyter notebooks, check out the official Quick Start Guide.


Most of the content in this notebook has been taken or adapted from the talk: Christine Doig - Scale your data, not your process: Welcome to the Blaze Ecosystem. Shoutout to Christine Doig for the great talk and Continuum Analytics for their amazing contributions towards the PyData ecosystem.