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Nov. 18, 2017
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Deep Video Analytics • Build Status

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Don't be worried by complexity of this banner, with latest version of docker installed correctly, you can run Deep Video Analytics in minutes locally (even without a GPU) using a single command.

Author: Akshay Bhat, Cornell University.

Deep Video Analytics is a platform for indexing and extracting information from videos and images. For installation instructions & demo go to


Documentation along with presentation and blogpost is being written in /notebooks directory. For a quick overview we reocmmend going through the presentation in readme.pdf

Architecture, data & processing model

Architecture Data model Processing model

Libraries used/modified in code and their licenses

Library Link to the license
YAD2K MIT License
AdminLTE2 MIT License
FabricJS MIT License
Facenet MIT License
JSFeat MIT License
CRNN.pytorch MIT License
Original CRNN code by Baoguang Shi MIT License
Object Detector App using TF Object detection API MIT License
Plotly.js MIT License
CRF as RNN MIT License
SphereFace MIT License
Segment annotator BSD 3-clause
TF Object detection API Apache 2.0
CROW Apache 2.0
LOPQ Apache 2.0
Open Images Pre-trained network Apache 2.0

Following libraries & frameworks are installed when building/running the container

  • FFmpeg (not linked, called via a Subprocess)
  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCV
  • Numpy
  • Pytorch
  • Docker
  • Nvidia-docker
  • Docker-compose
  • All packages in requirements.txt & used in Dockerfiles.

License & Copyright

Copyright 2016-2017, Akshay Bhat, Cornell University, All rights reserved.


Deep Video Analytics is currently in active development. The license will be relaxed once a stable release version is reached. Please contact me for more information. For more information see answer on this issue

Latest Releases
 Nov. 8 2017
 Nov. 7 2017
 Nov. 7 2017
 Nov. 7 2017
 Sep. 19 2017