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Java tools and data structures for working with Snowplow events and self-describing json objects.


Artifacts for this project are currently hosted on bintray. To include this projects as a maven dependency, add the bintray repo to your pom.xml repositories:


Then include the dependency as normal:



Self-describing objects

The central feature of the library is the SelfDescribing<T> class, which wraps a data type instance with the metadata of the Iglu self-describing JSON system. It can be used with any type that Gson knows how to (de)serialize.

A quick and clean pattern is to use the excellent Immutables library with its Gson Type Adapters generation to represent the wrapped type.

Self-describing example

Self-describing JSON object:

    "schema": "iglu:com.acme/product_view/jsonschema/1-0-0",
    "data": {
        "product_id": 111,
        "product_name": "Beer pong set"

Usage with JsonObject:

SelfDescribing<JsonObject> productView = SelfDescribing.fromString(jsonString);

SchemaKey schema = productView.schema();
// SchemaKey{vendor=com.acme,name=product_view,format=jsonschema,version=1-0-0}

String productTitle ="product_name").getAsString();
// Beer pong set

Usage with custom value class

// Define value class
abstract class ProductViewV1 {
    abstract Integer productId();

    abstract String productName();

// then...

SelfDescribing<ProductViewV1> productView =
    SelfDescribing.fromString(jsonString, GsonAdaptersProductViewV1())

String productName =

Snowplow events

The SnowplowEvent class represents the Snowplow Canonical Event Format. It can instantiate events from the Snowplow Enriched TSV format as follows:

String input = "some_app_id\tweb\t....";

SnowplowEvent event = SnowplowEvent.fromTsv(input);

String appId = event.appId();

List<SelfDescribing<JsonObject>> contexts = event.getContextObjects();

try {
    SelfDescribing<PageContextV1> pageContext = event
catch (SnowplowEvent.ContextNotPresent exc) {
    // there was no page_context in this event

Bad events

The BadRequest, CollectorPayload and TrackerProtocol classes provide support for working with events rejected by the Snowplow Enrich process.


String badLine = "{\n" +
                "    \"line\": \"....\",\n" +
                "    \"failureTstamp\": \"2018-01-01T00:00:00Z\",\n" +
                "    \"errors\": [..] \n" +

BadRequest badRequest = BadRequest.fromString(badLine);

CollectorPayload payload = badRequest.deserializePayload();
List<TrackerProtocol> failedEvents = badRequest.getRawEvents();
List<BadRequest.BadRequestError> errors = badRequest.errors();

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